Shyam Sasindran is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Expert – IT Pro and a Windows Enthusiast from India. He is very active on Windows based forums and website. He actively participate beta software testing and give regular feedbacks to Microsoft. His area of expertise is analysis crash dumps a.k.a Blue screen of death, also he likes to troubleshoot freezes, crashes and errors in more systematic manner.  He also developed Community distributed software like SF IE Restorator, SF Diagnostic Tool, PC File Collector, W8 Log Collector etc.

He is the founder of Captaindbg.com he also write technical tips, tutorials and news for TheWindowsClub a Microsoft featured community.  He is also Moderator for three websites PCHelpForum.com, forum.thewindowsclub.com and windows7forums.com and also an active member in several Windows based communities.

In real life his role model is Mark Russinovich, he is a Microsoft Technical fellow and author of Windows Internals. Shyam enjoys music, movies and TV Shows. He is also crazy about new gadgets especially cell phones. He used to create ROMs and do beta testing for Android custom ROMs, Kernels and community developed software at XDA.  


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