Android 2.3.2 “Gingerbread” OS for HTC WildFire

CyanogenMod Team brought Gingerbread OS i.e. Android 2.3.2 version for HTC WildFire. It doesn’t get more better. CM Team is one of the most popular team who make custom ROM’s for Android devices. Jacob from CM Team is taking care of the development for WildFire.

But the releases are still nightly who are brave enough to test it are always welcomed at either CyanogenMod Community or XDA Forums where most of the update versions are released and regular feedback and support is done.

Here are few screenshots:

image image


As if now the nightly release is up to build 56. Please remember these ROM are for rooted devices. This ROM does not have HTC sense installed it. It’s a completely customize ROM with lot of feature like Live Wallpapers, JIT etc. which doesn’t come with HTC Sense.

The main bug that is addressed in CM7 is Wireless won’t connect to Hidden SSID. Compared to the benefits offers in this ROM I would say it’s worth taking the risk.


Android: Gingerbread 2.3.2

Radio version: Radio_13.55.55.24H_3.35.20.10

Kernel version: HCDR.Kernel_v4.2b


1, Make sure your phone is rooted with clockwork mod recovery installed.
2, Boot into recovery and Wipe Data/Factory Reset
3, Format /system under partitions menu
4, Install the ROM.zip
5, Optionally install the Google Apps package.

Nightly Download: http://mirror.teamdouche.net/?device=buzz&type=nightly

Original Thread   : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=918072
Update: Check out Android 2.3.4 for HTC Wildfire

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