Android Market is now Google Play

Google is unifying it’s Google Music, Google Videos, Google Books and Android Market into one called “Google Play” Google has decided to put Android Market with 450,000 apps, millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies all in one place. You’ll have access to free sample music or book, view app ratings, reviews, and screenshots, or watch a movie trailer.

According to Google

Our goal with Google Play is to bring together all your favorite content in one place that you can access across your devices. Specifically, digital content is fundamental to the mobile experience, so bringing all of this content together in one place for users makes the Android platform even more compelling. We’re also simplifying digital content for Google users – you can go to the Google Play website on your desktop and purchase and experience the latest movies, music and books. With Google Play, we’re giving you a simpler way to get your digital content


It also features Cloud sync where you can buy a book from your phone and access that from Google Play’s website. The best part I like about Google Play is it can automatically stored up to 20,000 of your own songs for free and you can share a free listen with your friends on Google+


As for eBook it new features where you can easily switch between day or nighttime mode, view in landscape or portrait, choose your font, text size, line height etc. Also there is a great collection of HD Movies and videos. But remember all these features are not available for all countries

  • Movies: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Japan
  • eBooks: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Music: Available in US

Google will update for the Android Market on devices that is  running Android 2.2 or later over the coming days. To know more about Google Play head to their website :

You could Download it from here : Google Play Store

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