APK Manager – Modify APK file for Android

APK Manager V5 has released developed by XDA Member raziel23x. This tool will help you o decompile APK such as Framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk and much more that will help you in theming your Android.

Main Features:

  • Extract, Zip apk’s.
  • Optimize pngs (ignores .9.pngs)
  • Zipalign apks
  • Sign apks
  • Push to specific location on phone
  •  Incorporates brut.all’s apktool
  • Pull apk from phone into modding environment.
  • Batch optimize apk (Zipalign, optipng, or both)
  • Quick sign an apk (Batch mode supported)
  • Batch Ogg optimization
  • Compression level selector (monitor status above menu)
  • Batch install apk from script (option 16)
  • Logging on/off has been removed. Instead a log.txt is created which logs the activities of the script organized using time/date headers
  • User can change the max java heap size (only use if certain large apks get stuck when decompiling/compiling apks) (Option 19)
  • Improved syntax of questions/answers
  • Error detection. Checks if error occurred anytime u perform a task, and reports it
    Read log (Option 20)
  • You can now set this script as your default application for apks. When u do, if u double click any apk it will install it for you.
  • Supports batch installation, so if u drag multiple apks into the script (not while its running) it will install them all for u. U can of course drag a single apk as well
  • Added framework dependent decompiling (For non-proprietary rom apks). (Option 10).
  • Checks whether the dependee apk u selected is correct.
  • Allows multiple projects to be modified, switch to and from.
  • Allows modifying system apk’s using apktool but ensures maximum compatibility in terms of signature / manifest.xml

Video Tutorial:  APK Manager

More Information visit  APK Manager Official Site

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  • where is the fuucking link? God!!! i hate u..

  • lol.. where is the download link?? “link has been fixed” duh

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