Black Viper adds Configuration for Windows 8

Black Viper is a site that provides you a Safe way to disable services without breaking any features. You might be thinking the purpose of doing this. Well sometime there might be some unwanted/unused services running in the background that makes up more memory for our PC.  Stopping these services will release the memory and optimize the performance of your computer. There are lot optimization software that was created based on Black Viper’s configuration on Windows 7.

Now the site that added list for Windows 8 so you can follow that guide and disable some services to optimize the performance of Windows 8. Before trying it out make sure you create a System Restore point so in case something breaks you can always revert it back. We don’t take any responsibility if something breaks. Do it on your own risk. This list is based on Windows 8 Developers preview so there might some some changes.

The services list is arranged by 4 columns i.e. Display name, service name, Default and Safe.



Visit Black Viper for the complete list of services.

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