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Speckie – A Real-time Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

Let’s admit it lot of us make a lot of spelling errors while posting something online. That’s one of the reason why I prefer Firefox because of the build in inline spell check so it’s a lot easier to correct it on the fly. Today I found this nifty little program called “Speckie” that’s a inline spell checker on Internet Explorer. This version works well with Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 version. It supports […]


Internet Explorer: A Road Map to Success

icrosoft Internet Explorer the ancestor of all browsers has come long way from the year 1995 with the release of Windows 95 Plus! Pack. It’s was Internet Explorer 1.0 that made the world to go online which was first of its kind. The root of Internet Explorer all the way back to 1987 by the browser named Mosaic. Mosaic is the web browser credited with popularizing the World Wide Web. It was also a client […]


ActiveX Filtering using Internet Explorer 9 RC

With IE9 RC Microsoft has offered a greater control over Active X Filtering with the browser. With ActiveX Filtering, you can turn off ActiveX controls for all Web sites and then turn them back on selectively as you see fit. Some users completely turn off Active X due to security, performance and other reason.


Troubleshooting General Issues with Internet Explorer

This is small utility for Troubleshooting Internet Explorer issues. It will Flush DNS, Re-register concern dlls for Internet Explorer (3 different types 64-Bit, 32 Bit on 64-Bit OS and 32-Bit) Reset IE to Default settings, Reset Winsock. SF IE Restorator will work with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7. It will work with other operating system only if you have .NET Frameworks 3.5 installed. Some Antivirus / Firewall might detect SF IE Restorator Tool is Trojan its just a False positive because the publisher is unknown. Nothing to worry it won’t harm your Computer


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