Download Jellybean for the HTC One X

On 27 June 2012 at Google I/O announced Android’s latest version Jellybean i.e. Android 4.1. The main improves are user interface, performance, they even called it project “butter”. It uses triple buffering and a fixed frame rate of 60 fps to create a fluid and “buttery” smooth UI.

The Main Features are:

  • Vsync timing across all drawing and animation done by the Android framework
  • Triple buffering in the graphics pipeline
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Bi-directional text and other language Support
  • User-installable keyboard maps
  • Expandable notifications
  • Automatically resizable app widgets
  • Multichannel audio

XDA member tgascoigne managed to port an early alpha version of Jellybean. According to the member

So now that we’ve got our hands on the SDK images for Jellybean, here’s a port for our phone. It’s booting, but its largely unstable for the moment. I haven’t tested too thoroughly, but this definitely isn’t a daily driver. Only flash this if you’re desperate to get a peek at Jellybean before the official release.



If you like to test Android Jellybeans click on the source like.



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