Download Official Ice Cream Sandwich for Xperia Arc S, Ray and Neo V

Sony has made a huge step by making ICS alpha release available  for community users.  Senior Developers Karl-Johan from Sony made this available for the XDA users today. Keep in mind this is a alpha release and radio is not included in the ROM that means users cannot make call or use Wifi.

You need unlocked bootloader and latest firmware to test this ROM and this is not for everyday because the following features are turned off

  • Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps are not included (for example, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.).
  • Modem is turned off and SIM card will therefore not be recognised (this also means you can’t make any phone calls).
  • Bluetooth™ is turned off.
  • Wi-Fi® is turned off.
  • ANT+ is turned off.
  • FM-radio is turned off.

New features are:

  •     New “Roboto” font.
  •     New “Holo” theme is supported (you are able to test apps written to make use of the Holo theme).
  •     Music player control from lock screen.
  •     Updated UI in the Settings menu.
  •     Updated UI in the web browser.
  •     Updated UI and interaction with the new messaging action bar.
  •     Updated UI for improved multitasking.
  •     Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks and browser tabs in the Notification menu.


According to Karl

This is the first time we have done an activity like this and I, and all others behind this really value your feedback The release of the ICS alpha ROM is our way of sharing where we are with the ICS upgrade project. My team at Developer World, also published an article last week outlining the different activities we have to pass before releasing an official ICS ROM…tware-upgrade/. Looking at that article I would say that we are now in the Bringup phase. You will also quickly see that we have not passed certification and approval phase, since we were not allowed to have the radio module turned on. This means that you can’t make any phone calls or use Wi-Fi. However, I still thought that this will be valuable to the tech community. Youtube video:

What you can do is to test ICS applications early on, and you can also give us feedback on this initiative, and what you think about the ICS alpha ROM. Did it meet your expectations? What things would you wish for. We have a link to a survey in the blog post, where you can submit your feedback. But hey, I can’t promise that we can take care of all requests, as I know you will have plenty… Lastly I believe this release will benefit the custom ROM developers so they can see where we are in our process and how we have solved different things.

How to Install the ROM:
  • Download the ICS ROM from Sony’s website
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to your Android Fastboot directory.
  • Go to your Fastboot directory
  • Run the following command
  • fastboot flash boot ..\Fastboot\Xperia_arcS_ICS_alpha\boot.img
  • fastboot flash userdata ..\Fastboot\Xperia_arcS_ICS_alpha\userdata.img
  • fastboot flash system ..\Fastboot\Xperia_arcS_ICS_alpha\system.img
  • Once done, please reboot your phone.

For more information and download visit XDA: [ROM] Sony Ericsson official ICS alpha ROM arc S, ray, neo V

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