Download Sony Ericsson Arc 2.3.3 [HongKong Edition]

After a long wait Sony Ericsson Arc have released the OTA. As if now HongKong users started to get the update over the air. Thanks to XDA the member Rumnyc who was able to extract the dump file. According the members at XDA the update can be applied on any devices. We have to apply the update using the Flash Tool.


You can download here update from XDA Thread hosted in Megaupload website:

According to XDA here are the changes that been noticed:

1) Hotmail ActiveSync has been fixed. It now works with the native email app. Finally I have a unified Hotmail/Gmail inbox. However, its not perfect. No HTML mail support
2) Facebook status in contact page under the name
3) Facebook photos and albums under a photos page after opening a contact.
4) Facebook calendar sync with Calendar app.
5) There is a new page called interests that show all the facebook groups a contact has joined.
6) Locked home screen shows summary of SMS notification. This looks new to me.
7) Sometimes when scrolling the screen would register a tap when I meant to scroll (this happened frequently). They seem to have tweaked the sensitivity and it appears better. Or maybe I am imagining it.
8) Generally faster scrolling. Again maybe I am imagining but it does appear smoother.
9) Photos look better. 8/6mp files don’t seem any bigger than before so they probably tweaked sharpening settings or something else.


You can download Flash Tool from here :


Note: Root won’t work once you update your firmware


Edit: It’s been reported the with the new firmware we were able to successfully root the device by Flashing the updated image

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