FIX: "0x0000007B" Stop error when you replace an iSCSI or PCI Express network adapter

You might receive STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE considering the following situation

  • You configure the computer to start from an iSCSI disk or PCI Express NIC.
  • The computer supports PCI Express Serial Number Capability.
  • You replace the iSCSI or PCI Express network adapter or the motherboard on the computer with an identical device. For example, you replace the device because of a hardware failure.
  • You log on to the computer, and then you restart the computer.

This happens when the serial number mismatch on new device and the old device that you replaced. Microsoft have released an hotfix that would fix such situations.


To resolve this issue, you can request for and apply this Hotfix from Microsoft specified in KB2344941

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