[FIX] Explorer.exe has stopped working on Windows 7

I have seen lot of scenarios where users posting Explorer.exe crashing or stopped working issues. After troubleshooting lot of issues I’m posting here some common fixes that might help.

1. Most of the times the Explorer crashes due a bad or corrupt Context Menu the best way to troubleshoot is to download the ShellExView is an excellent tool to view and manage all installed shell extensions. The rule is to disable non-Microsoft context menu handlers *one-by-one* and verify if the problem is solved. If disabling one does not solve the problem, undo the disabled item and disable the next non-Microsoft handler. Do the same until the problem is solved and finally identify the culprit. Scroll right to see the Company Name column in ShellExView.

2. Then next thing to do is to run SFC /SCANNOW. The sfc /scannow command (System File Checker) scans the integrity of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible. Follow this document for further help SFC /SCANNOW Command – System File Checker

3. If these steps files the Create a New Windows Profile sometimes a corrupt Windows Profile. Follow this Microsoft document for more help in creating New Profile and moving the files Fix a corrupted user profile

4. If that fails then it might some some corrupt Windows Files that is causing the issue we could try to do a Repair Install. Follow this article for more info Repair Install

5. Download Malwarebytes and run a complete scan to make sure your clean sometimes Virus can cause Explorer.exe to crash. Also you could Download Process Explorer from SysInternals and see what are the process currently running under Explorer.exe

6. If you still have the problem we have to investigate more then download the below Registry file
Download : Registry Fix

  1. Right click on the .reg file and click on Merge.
  2. Click on the Run button in the Security Warning pop-up.
  3. Click on Continue (UAC), Yes, and OK when prompted.
    (Thanks to Andre Ziegler (MS Forums) for that Registry File)

Then once the Explorer crashes it will create a Dump File under C:\Localdump

You could go to www.sevenforums.com there create a new thread under Crash and Debugging then follow this article Dump files – Upload to Seven Forums from Step 2

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Just a average guy who loves technology.

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  • This is great! I’ve been searching all over for a solution to this nagging problem and I downloaded ShellExView and disabled the ZipGenius extensions and on the first try the problem disappeared. Thanks!

    • Your Welcome Larry!

  • Thanks a lot. shellexview really worked in my case. you can easily locate the *.dll file which is causing problem by simply reading the dropdown pan of error window.

  • thank’s alot, i tried too many way’s but didnt get result (like registery booster’s)
    your first step (shellexview) fixed my problem, again thank’s.

  • Hello Shyam,
    After many months of problems – spot on. ShellExView allowed me to turn off extensions, until finally the culprit turned out to be Sony Ericsson file manager v The sheer amount of angst this caused was amazing.  My grateful thanks for a lesson in Windows diagnostics.  Windows 7 lives on.

  • Hey there!
    this has been a super frustrating problem, I am so happy you posted a real fix for this! The ShellExView worked like a charm (I had already gone through all the other options)
    I was a little hesitant after I saw I had around 215 applications running. I thought to myself… oh gosh, this is going to take a while. Could you believe it was the first item I disabled that did it. Hahaha!
    Fingers crossed I will never have to deal with it again

    much gratitude (and a g+ on this article for sure!)

  • I tried theShellExView and it didint work for me ;/ the explorer.exe stll stop’s working I disabled everything which isint from Microsoft and it didint help me. Could you give me some advice Shyam ?

  • I successfully used ShellEXView to fix my problem also. Thank you for posting this article

    • Actually I spoke too quickly. Oddly by disabling, then re-enabling the handful of non-microsoft extensions, my crashes on right clicking folders went away, but only temporarily. Now it is back. I’ve done the same thing again and “fixed” it but now the problem is back yet again. Still researching.

  • Thanks for this post, i will try that.

  • link for registry fix not working..

    • Thanks for reporting. I’ll upload it again,

    • I’ll upload it again.

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