Leaked Android 4.0.4 for HTC One X

Yesterday the XDA member Football who is famous for his HTC Leaked shipping ROM collection released a custom ROM based on v 2.05.401.2 which runs Android 4.0.4. HTC is yet to release his version. Here is a screenshot of the about screen. 



Users has released a huge difference in terms of CPU performance. One of the newest feature is the ability to choose “Recent apps button”.

Unofficial Change Log:

  • Ability to choose “Recent apps button” action (Now under settings it’s Display gestures and buttons)
  • Great improvement in terms of CPU Performance
  • Fixed Gallery Video bug (FLV videos in gallery used to cause stability issues)
  • Better Auto brightness values
  • All the Beats profile removed (Now it’s just On/Off)
  • Smoother Home screen transition (Used to Lag a lot in version firmware)
  • Gaming performance has improved
  • Minor tweaks in “Ondemand Governors” and other Governors
  • Improvement in terms of Over heat while gaming (Users reported less at 60c on CPU and 40c on battery which is a huge improvement )

Thanks to hamdir for the change log

Further changes are yet to be reported. if you’re rooted and bootloader unlocked head over to XDA to test drive this baby

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