How to run a Repair Install on Windows 7

You might encountered lot of scenarios where running System File checker etc. will not help after all troubleshooting finally need to reinstall Windows. Before doing a Clean Install you could perform a Repair Install which will preserve your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers etc.  This article will show you how to do a repair install to fix  Windows 7 issues.

Note: You will only be able to run the Repair Install if your in Windows under Normal if you’re under Safe Mode this method won’t work

Step: 1

Put the Windows 7 Disk in and Click on Setup

Step 2:

Then Click on “Install Now

Step 3:

Now click on “Go Online and get the latest updates for Installation“Then it might take few minutes to download the critical updates and apply them depending upon your Internet speed

Step 4:

Then Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click Next

Step 5

Now click on “Upgrade” to begin the Repair

Step 6:

Once the Repair is complete the setup will reboot your computer


Step 7:

You need to activate your Windows 7 and do the initial setup like setting up date time etc.

Step 8:

In case your missing any user setting copy them from C:\Windows.old folder or under C:\$INPLACE.~TR and C:\WINDOWS.~Q backup folders ( Thanks to Shawn Brink, MVP for the Tip)

Make sure you enable Hidden Files folder. Once you conformed everything run the Windows Disk Cleanup to remove the old installation files

select “Files discarded by Windows Upgrade“.


Note: If Windows 7  Retail DVD and you want to repair Windows 7 SP1 then you need you right click on the Setup.exe and go to properties and under compatibility tab choose Windows Vista SP2. Then  run the repair it should work.

Hope this helps

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  • That’s a nice tutorial there Shyam. I’m sure many are going to find it useful 🙂

    • Thanks Anand

  • So what is this – repair, re-install, clean install with user data migration or what?
    I feel confused..

    • Well Repair Install would try to fix any corrupted system files etc. The user data and settings would be intact. Clean Install means you wipe everything out and install a fresh copy.

  • Sorry but this doesn’t erase all my programs installed?

  • Yes correct. Repair Install will not erase all your programs. If you want that the you have to do a Clean Install.

  • thanx great tutorial

  • My computer didn’t come with a separate Windows 7 installation disk. My installation program is on my hard drive behind a partition. In this case, is there any way I can do a repair install without having to buy a new separate Windows 7 Home Premium program? Thanks.

  • Nice Tutorial. My computre didn’t come with a separate Windos 7 disk for reinstallations; my install program is on my hard drive behind a partition. Is thee any way to do a repair install without having to go out a buy a new copy of Windows 7? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately there isn’t. If Windows came with Windows 7 I would recommend contact your Computer manufacturer. On such cases we could only restore the Computer to factory settings. You could always run a SFC SCANNOW. SFC /SCANNOW to Repair Windows 7 Files

      • I ran into the same situation with a Dell PC or no Windows DVD. I borrowed a W7 Pro 64-bit DVD and used my Dell product key code. It did take two tries, the first try hung on the last step or location of your PC, Home, Work or Public. The second try, I disconnected my Ethernet cord and it completed bypassing that last step.

  • Why would you assume I can get into windows if I’m looking to repair install? – Mod Edit – Abusive language is not appreciated.

  • by reparing windwos 7 encryption key will also be deleted ?

  • How do I get a proper chipset driver name without guessing with any driver installation disk

  • I ran sfc/scannow and it scanned 59% and then closed. Is there a way I can run this and have it work. Also, I noticed some S-1-15-2-1 when I check for security is this a virus file?

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