Secret Power Saving Setting on HTC One X

Apparently HTC One X has a secret Power Saving Setting. XDA member knightrocker  found this setting accidently using the application called “Minimalistic Text”.  It’s quiet easy to access the option. You don’t need Root access to enable it.


Here is How

  • Download and install “Minimalistic Text” from Play Store
  • Added a 1 x 1 Widget to the Home screen
  • Select “Predefined Layout” and choose Custom
  • Then select “Custom Layout” and select Static text and enter the value “Power Saver Settings” and click back button
  • Then under Tap Behavior check on “Start another Activity” and select “Select an activity or a shortcut”
  • Find “Settings” from the list and expand it and choose Power Saver Setting
  • Now click Ok

Now you can access the “Power Saver Setting” by tapping on the Widget.

Here is a screenshot of how it will look like.


There are quiet few options you can manipulate in there. But remember changing these option can affect your battery so make sure you remember what options you choose so you can revert it back in case if that affects your battery.



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  • Info is good, thanks, but those settings are not enough to be honest. I am using JuiceDefender Ultimate (not advertising, there are alternatives, this is my choice) and making custom profiles, which makes me take control of anything when lid is off or i’m on road etc. etc.

  • there is not power saver setting option under the settings menu. i’m using jelly bean and my phone is not rooted. What is wrong? :S

    • Yes the options are changed in JB. When I find it I’ll update the post.

  • Download AnyCut and you can add this shortcut to your homescreen. No need to download anything else.

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