SF Diagnostic Tool v5 Released

Most of the forums users know my SF Diagnostic tool which is used to collect Kernel dumps and other useful logs which is used to troubleshoot Blue screen of death and other crashes. Well I have released the latest version of this tool.

Warning: Some Antivirus / Firewall might detect SF Diagnostic Tool is Trojan its just a False positive because the publisher is unknown. Nothing to worry it won’t harm your Computer


Change log:

  • Fixed unable to run if user profile redirected to different drive
  • Added Grab All option
  • Added few more message box to avoid user errors
  • Added download option for CPU-Z and MGADiag
  • Few minor code changes and fixes
  • Folder name with today date i.e. SF_24-08-2012




Download and instructions visit Seven Forum thread

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  • Great tool now when is the unbranded version being released for those who cant get it from there?

    • Will release one soon I’m almost done with my work 🙂 Thanks for your support.

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