How to Perform a System Restore on Windows 7

System Restore is always a life saver. In case you find strange behavior with your operating system or a program you installed, you could do a System restore if you think it was working fine the other day. There are two methods to do a System Restore, one within the Windows and one using the Windows 7 repair disk. In this article i’ll walk you through each methods.

Method 1:

Step 1:

Click on the Start Menu and under search type in “System Restore

Step 2:

System Restore Wizard will open then click on “Next

Step 3:

Select the radial button on “Choose from a different restore point” then click “Next

Step 4:

Then you’ll see the list of System restore points. You can choose the one you want to restore it to

Step 5:

If you want to see what program it might affect you can click on “Show affected programs and drivers

Step 6:

Once you verify then you could click Next and Click Finish

Step 7:

Once you click on Finish immediately you’ll be prompted with a warning message click Yes to conform it.

The process might take several minutes to complete don’t interrupt the process. Once the System Restore is complete your computer will boot back up.

Click Close then click and make sure all the files and settings are intact.


Method 2:

The next method is using the System Recovery Console.

Step 1:

Put the Windows 7 disk in. Then you’ll be prompted to “Press any key to boot from disk” so go ahead and press Enter

Step 2:

Then it will give you language selection option click Next

Step 3:

Then you’ll find and option to “Repair your Computer

Step 4:

Then you’ll be prompted to Select the Operating System i.e. Windows 7, select that and click Next

Step 5:

Now select “System Restore” and follow the prompt.

Once it’s compete the computer will reboot in normal mode.

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