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Download the new build for Sony Ericsson Arc 2.3.3 [ 4.0.A.2.368 + Kernel ]

Yesterday XDA Member jlmcr87 has posted new firmware for Xperia Arc. It’s a Generic Global Firmware so anyone can use it. The new firmware has come up with lot of new features and widgets. There is a good improvement with Camera (Zoom added for high resolution) then the new theme’s feature.   Here are few screenshots:   New Features: Video Editor Themes Zoom Feature upto 8 MP Camera Data Monitor(Check the Data usage with Alarm […]


Download Custom Kernel for Sony Ericsson Arc [3.0.1.A.0.145]

t’s been a while since Sony Ericsson Arc came out and the developers at XDA working on custom ROM and Kernel. FreeXperia Team came out with a custom Kernel but it will only work with Custom ROM (CyanogenMod 7). Finally XDA Member if2 compiled the first custom kernel that works with stock SE ROM. The new kernel is Overclocked @ 1.87 Ghz maximum frequency and a minimum of 0.245 Ghz which gives a great performance […]


CyanogenMod 7 for Sony Ericsson Arc

After a long wait Sony Ericsson Arc finally gets CyanogenMod 7. It’s still in early beta stage but most of the functions are working. FreeXperia Team jerpelea is the one who is developing it. CyanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware for over thirty cell phones and tablets based on the open-source Android operating system. It offers features not found in the official Android-based firmwares of vendors of these devices, including native theming support.   They have […]


Sony Ericsson ARC Successfully Rooted using GingerBreak APK

New Sony Ericsson ARC has been successfully rooted. Thanks to XDA community for the great work. GingerBreak APK application posted by XDA Member Chainfire and The Android Exploid Crew. Then root process is quiet simple with GingerBreak.   The GingerBreak APK is a wrapper around the newly released GingerBreak exploit (credits to The Android Exploid Crew), which is meant to attain root access on GingerBread. This specific exploit may work on various Froyo and Honeycomb […]


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