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Bug Check 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR – How to Troubleshoot

Stop code 0x124 WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR  mostly refers to Hardware related failure very rarely we get false positives. But I would say around 90% of the time it’s Hardware. WHEA means Windows Hardware Error Architecture. Since it’s Hardware related it’s difficult to troubleshoot, to know which hardware is failing. There are number of ways we could find out but like I said it’s a little hard and it’s time consuming process. So in this article we’ll discuss […]


SF Diagnostic Tool v5 Released

Most of the forums users know my SF Diagnostic tool which is used to collect Kernel dumps and other useful logs which is used to troubleshoot Blue screen of death and other crashes. Well I have released the latest version of this tool. Warning: Some Antivirus / Firewall might detect SF Diagnostic Tool is Trojan its just a False positive because the publisher is unknown. Nothing to worry it won’t harm your Computer   Change […]


How to Enable / Disable Driver Verifier on Windows 7

  Please don’t follow these steps without the help/Recommendation of an expert If the Driver Verifier finds a violation, it will result in a BSOD Create a System Restore point before proceeding   How to Enable Driver Verifier:   START | type verifier | make these selections – 1. Select 2nd option – " Create custom settings (for code developers)" 2. Select 2nd option – "Select individual settings from a full list" 3. Check these […]


FIX: "0x0000007B" Stop error when you replace an iSCSI or PCI Express network adapter

You might receive STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. when the serial number mismatch on new device and the old device that you replaced. Microsoft have released an hotfix that would fix such situations.


Hardware Diagnostic

Memory Diagnostic: In Windows 7 we have Windows Diagnostic but I would no longer recommend it. Then best tool to run the Memory Diagnostic is to Download MemTest86+ – Advance Memory Diagnostic Tool
Hard Drive Diagnostic: We’re going to use the command prompt method of running the program, since it gives more visual feedback
Display Card Diagnostic: Most of them might be using nVidia or ATI. So here I’ll suggest a method you cleanup the Drivers


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