Troubleshoot sync issues between the Zune software and Windows Phone 7

When you try to sync your Windows 7 Phone with your Zune software you might encountered various error message like

1, Phone is not showing up as USB mass storage or not showing up in Active sync or Windows Mobile Device center

2, No all the photos, music etc. are syncing with Phone

3, The progress bar is not moving while syncing etc.

This could happen by the following reasons.

1, If Zune software is not properly installed and configured on the machine

2, If the phone is not showing as USB Mass storage device

3, The Windows 7 Phone is not compatible with the version of Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device center.

Microsoft have released a Support article what would fix such issues KB2410177

The different error codes discussed in this article are

1, C00D1193 – Content Has Moved Since Last Sync

2, C00D124F – Not enough space

3, C00D124D – The phone is not responding to the Zune Software.

4, C00D12EC – Too many registered devices.

5, C00D1365 – Need to check usage rights

6, C00D1371 – Need to check usage rights. Please sign in at Zune Marketplace.

7, C00D2772 – Format Necessary

8, C00D27E1 – No longer available at Zune Marketplace.

9, C1010032 – Too many small files

If your experiencing any of the above error message you should be able to resolve it by following the steps mentioned in the article. But before following make sure your Windows has applied all the critical updates and service packs.

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