Tweaking Guide – Supercharge Your Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Other Android devices

On Android device we have unlimited tweaking capability to improve the performance and stability. This guide is for advance users and we require a rooted device to perform most of the tweaks. Most of the tweak are updated to Build.prop and Init.d files.

Step 1:

We need to setup your computer with ADB follow the below guides

[Guide] Setting up ADB [Windows]
[HOW-TO]Set up Android SDK/ADB/Fastboot on Ubuntu Linux

Step 2:

Once we step up the ADB first we need to backup the Build.prop. Open the command prompt and type in the following commands

adb remount
adb pull /system/build.prop c:\temp\build.prop.backup
adb push c:\temp\build.prop.backup /system

Now that we have made the backup we can start applying the tweaks. Step 3: Now to add scripts to the Build.prop type in the following command

adb remount
adb shell sed -i '$a\debug.sf.hw=1' /system/build.prop
\\ Where debug.sf.hw=1 is the value replace the value with the script you want to update with Build.prop

Now there are lot of tweaks available so I’ll suggest few of them that would help us with the performance,

Build.Prop Scripts:

1, Force launcher into memory


2, Increase VM Heapsize (The higher the RAM the higher the heap size can be)


3, Render UI with GPU


4, Scrolling responsiveness


5, Increase overall touch responsiveness

debug.performance.tuning=1 video.accelerate.hw=1

6, Net speed tweak

net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096,16384,256960 net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,16384,256960 net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,16384,256960 net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,16384,256960 net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,16384,256960

7, Fix some application issues


Step 3:

Now download Script Manager from Market go to XDA Forum

  • Download the Supercharger script (V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-update9_beta_6.sh.txt) and put in into your SD card.
  • Load the script (V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-update9_beta_6.sh.txt) into Script Manager and select “Run as Root.” (Do NOT run the V6 Supercharger install script at boot!)
  • Touch the screen for the soft keyboard or slide out the keyboard and Select “MegaRAM 2″
  • Once it’s applied then choose “Nitro Lag Nullifier
  • Then click setting menu, choose config mode, u will see a check box named “browse as root”, tick that box
  • From the main screen of Script Manager click back twice
  • Go to data/ and run 99SuperCharger.sh install script at boot and reboot your device

Step 4:

Now these steps are specific for Xperia Arc, If you have your Bootloader unlocked the for the next steps

  • Download and install DoomKernel from XDA forums
  • Download SetXperia (version 1.15) and install it
  • Open the application and accept for Super user prompt.
  • Change the I/O scheduler to “Noop
  • Now go to settings and select Profile, Select the CPU Governor SmartAssV2. Min – 1222880 and Max 1516800
  • Now reboot your device

You need to download kernel and follow the Overclocking guide specific for your device. But the I/O Scheduler and Governor are the same for most of the kernels so you could choose those if your kernel supports it.

Additional Init.d Tweaks

By following the above steps should will find lot of difference, but if you want to push the limited you could apply these Init.d scripts. Your ROM need to support init.d access and busybox.

  • Download and install Root Explorer
  • Go to system/etc/init.d folder open empty file
  • Insert header #!/system/bin/sh and put the below mentioned scripts there and name it as 77tweaks

1, Internet speed tweaks

echo "0" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_timestamps; echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_tw_reuse; echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_sack; echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_tw_recycle; echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling; echo "5" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_probes; echo "30" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_intvl; echo "30" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_fin_timeout; echo "404480" > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max; echo "404480" > /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max; echo "256960" > /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_default; echo "256960" > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_default; echo "4096,16384,404480" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem; echo "4096,87380,404480" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_rmem;

2, VM management tweaks

echo "4096" > /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes echo "0" > /proc/sys/vm/oom_kill_allocating_task; echo "0" > /proc/sys/vm/panic_on_oom; echo "0" > /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode; echo "0" > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness; echo "50" > /proc/sys/vm/vfs_cache_pressure; echo "90" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio; echo "70" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio;

3,  Battery tweaks

echo "500" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs echo "1000" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs

4, MicroSD card speed tweak

echo "2048" > /sys/devices/virtual/bdi/179:0/read_ahead_kb;

Note: Just copy the scripts not the headings.

Update 11/22/2011

Try the Sick Speed Tweak from XDA. It gives a really nice boost to performance. Download the files and copy them under the init.d

Once you copied these scripts save it close it and reboot your device to take effect. Well here you go now you have a Supercharged device, make most out of your device.

Credits: knzo for his scripts at XDA Forums  and  zeppelinrox developer of V6_SuperCharger_for_Android


Most of these tweaks are applied to my new ROM and lot of new ones as well.

[ROM][ARC] -= XPERIA MOD™ =- [Tweaked | Ultrafast & Smooth | 2.3.4][Ver. 6.0]

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  • You forgot to mention the guy that actually developed the V6 SuperCharger script and memory system

    • I’m sorry mate … I have mentioned your in my article. I can’t believe I missed out your name.

  • Hi, I think I need some additional help….when I tried adb remount I got “Remount failed: Operation not permitted. My arc is rooted. Thanks.

  • it works like a charm, thanks a lot!

  • lol i dunno what i did wrong but my phone ended up in a bootloop. i think my build.prop file was empty.

    • Hi how did you fix this think iv done the same??

  • update, got it to work, a different way 😀

  • i didnt know what went wrong… bootloop until battery dead

    • When you ran the SuperCharger script did you select any tweaks for Kernel? Is your Busybox higer than 1.6?

  • Thanks mate. 😉
    I’ll test your build.prop scripts and your additional init.d tweaks on my Arc S (LT18i) using FXP050 CM7.

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