Unlockable Bootloader for Motorola RAZR Developers Edition

As promised earlier Motorola is releasing Motorola RAZR Developers Edition which you can unlock the bootloader. So developers and Android custom ROM enthusiastic and start flashing or developing custom ROM or Kernels etc. Seems like more and more manufacturers are letting the users to unlock the bootloader. It fully unlockable version of the handset destined for European stores. Even though there is no release date Motorola fans have hope now.

As if now it’s not available for U.S. customers but according to Motorola’s Blog they will release a U.S. version in coming months. The only downside I see in this all situation is “This Phone will be sold without any warranty!” so whatever tweaking you do you are on your own. Currently it’s on a per-order state. If you want to buy on of these head to MotoStore.

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